I’m going to introduce Kyoto to you! Oike-dōri is one of Kyoto’s main streets running east to west, and is home to Kyoto City Hall, famous hotels and office buildings. Walk north from Niwaka’s office and it takes about one minute to get to Oike-dōri. During the Gion Festival, the yamahoko procession passes right down this street, as does the very entertaining Festival of the Ages. Depending on the day of the festivities you might be able to watch the processions during your lunch break.
次は京都についてご紹介します!御池通りは京都市内の主要な東西の通りの一つで、京都市役所や有名ホテル、オフィスビルなどが並びます。俄 京都本社からは北へ徒歩1分ほどの距離です。 祇園祭ではこの大通りを山鉾が巡行しますし、時代祭の行列も通ります。タイミングがよければ、お昼休みにも見れますよ。