Hello! My name is Ben. It’s nice to meet you. I come from England and I’ve lived in Japan for nine years, but my Japanese is not very good. Maybe, if you teach me Japanese I can teach you English! I’m a photographer at Niwaka and I love working here. The company is very forward thinking and gives lots of support to its creative staff. I really appreciate that. I hope we can work together!
Hello. My name is Sara. It’s nice to meet you. Four years ago, I packed my bags and moved from New Zealand to my second home, Japan. (My mother is Japanese!) I moved to Japan because I wanted to challenge myself in a Japanese working environment. I look forward to working with you. I want to take on many new challenges and keep on improving myself.
はじめまして!サラです。母が日本人なのがきっかけで日本文化を経験したい、また日本で働く事にチャレンジをしたいという思いが強くなり、4年前にニュージーランドから引越ししてきました。 皆さんと働く事を楽しみにしています。私自身も色々なことにチャレンジしていきたいです。